List Of The Marine And Shipping Company

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List Of The Marine And Shipping Company

Keppel Offshore & Marine Tel: 6863-7200
50 Gul Road, Singapore 629351 Map
One of the largest offshore and marine groups in the world, and a leading designer & builder of jackups; wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation; integrates the experiences & expertise of Keppel FELS, Keppel Shipyard, Keppel Singmarine etc
SembCorp Marine Tel: 6265-1766
29 Tanjong Kling Road, Singapore 628054 Map
Leading global marine engineering group; provides integrated solutions in ship repair, shipbuilding, ship conversion, rig building & offshore engineering; has a global network of shipyards, in Singapore, China, Indonesia & Brazil
51 Cuppage Road, Singapore 229469 Map
Global, integrated, engineering group providing advanced solutions & services in aerospace, electronics, marine and land systems; has 22,000 employees in 22 cities; does aircraft maintenance, electronics systems, ship building etc
1 Claymore Drive, Singapore 229594 Map
Leading offshore & marine fabrication specialist, with shipyard in Yantai in China; involved in the construction of jack-up & semi-submersible drilling rigs, yachts, platform supply vessels etc, & has world's largest crane; part of Oslo OTC System
Franklin Offshore Group Tel: 6264-3451
11 Pandan Road, Singapore 609259 Map
Largest providers of lifting, mooring & marine equipment & services globally; offers mooring consultancy, marine equipment & vessel evaluations, lifting equipment rentals, anchor chain inspection services, spooling machines etc
Wärtsilä Singapore Tel: 6265-9122
11 Pandan Crescent, Singapore 128467 Map
Global supplier of ship engines & power plants; Wärtsilä Singapore Pte Ltd repairs & reconditions marine 2 & 4-stroke engines, and Wärtsilä Automation Services Singapore Pte Ltd designs & builds switchboards for control panels
Supplier of marine electrical products to ship chandlers, ship owners, ship repair contractors etc; products: marine cables and accessories, marine lighting equipment, marine lamps, and general marine consumable products
Manufacturer of pleasure craft for export to USA and Europe; has factories in Singapore and Malaysia with a total capacity of more than a hundred boats a year
194 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128383 Map
Distributor of marine & industrial steam boilers, and oil & gas burners, located in Pantech Industrial Complex; offers spare parts and repair services; brands: Krom/Schroder, THT, Baelz, CBM Nozzles, Danfoss IGN Transformer, Erab etc
29 Tanjong Kling Road, Singapore 628054 Map
Marine engineering company; wholly owned subsidiary of SembCorp Marine; offers a comprehensive range of services in shiprepair, shipbuilding, ship conversion, rig building & offshore engineering

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Berikutnya Akan Kami Tampilkan Beberapa Marine Company Lainya Dari Beberapa Negara.
Disini Rekan-Rekan Bisa dapat langsung Alamat Perusahaan, Website, No Telp/Fax, & email.
Moga Dapat Sedikit Membantu Rekan-Rekan Seamen Dalam Mencari Informasi.

SeMOga BeRm4nF4At !

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  1. hello,,,I`am ANTHONIUS KAMODA.I have sertificate ENGINER CLASS IV.,BST,SCRB,MEFA,AFF,TFC and ENDOSEMENST SINGAPORE. I`Want to join working to your ship.If you have job for me please call me phone number: +62 813555 49318.or email; you......!

  2. Hello..Iam MUHAMMAD PRABANHG WIENAKTU.from central java.Indonesia.ihave certificate ANTD and BST>SCRB> experiens 2-3 years on AB.Tanker and Cargo and Tugboat.Iwant To join Your Company.please call.(+6281327555358).thanks Alot of.

  3. Daer sir.
    I want to joint your good company. My name Envi Hendri. My certificate engrs ATT IV (2002) and ATT III (2008). All my document (bst, scrb, aff, mfa, mc, ism code, sso, erm, tf, ot ) update. My experience cargo, tug boat, tanker. This time I want looking for supply. If any position for supply please call me on no 085215152830/085218183314 or email :
    Thanks Regards,

  4. i have ATT5,MEFA,SCRB,AFF,TFC,ISM CODE.a/n ENCU hp:081350879636

  5. hello Im ENCU SUTRISNA.i have sertificate:ATT5,SCRB,MEFA,ISM CODE,AFF,TFC.I want to join to your hp;081350879636

  6. Daer sir.
    I'm Dedy Purnomo,from central java.Indonesia.i have
    Engineer Officer Class III and Engineer Officer Class II, BST,SCRB,AFF,MFA,MC,TF,OT,CT,LGT,SSO,ERM,ISM CODE.
    My experience 9 YEARS ON TANKER, TUG BOAT, CARGO, Bulk Carrier, CONTAINER. i want to joint your company. please call +6281329062888 or Email:

  7. My name is Rudi Hartono,certificate Engineer Class III.Others : BST,SCRB,AFF,MEFA.Experience cargo ship.I would like to joint in your company.My contact:+62818812037/+6285211621971
    Thank you..

  8. dear sir/madam

    My name is NUR SADLI SYAM,I am a deck cadet.Here with this I would like to apply in your company for become a deck cadet.This my certificates of profience are BST,MEFA,PSCRB,TFC,AFF.And if you have vacancy this my contact number 08156741445 and my email;
    I hope I can join in your company thank your for your attention


  9. Name: wahab
    place date of birth: pemusiran 06-06-1982
    1. ATT-D
    2. BST
    3. SCRB
    4. TFC
    5. AFF
    CONTACT : +6281270947274/+6281536612726

  10. Dear Sir,

    Here with i would like to apply a job as engineer class-IV at your company.

    Personal data :
    Name : Bobbi Kurniawan
    Place/date of birth : Padang,december 20nd 1986
    Nationality : Indonesian

    Certificate of Competency :
    1. ATT IV
    2. Endorsement ATT IV

    Certificate of Profiency :
    1. BST
    2. AFF
    3. Tf
    4. Ot
    5. Mc
    6. Mfa
    7. Ism code
    8. Scrb

    Document :
    1. Seaman Book
    2. Passport

    If any vacancy in your company please contact me at
    phone number : +6281363334412 / 02143913845
    email address :

    I hope you will consider of my application and i would be please to call for an interview.
    Thank you for your attention.

    Faithfully yours,

    Bobbi Kurniawan

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  13. My name isirwansyah,I am a deck officer class III.Here with this I would like to apply in your company for become deck officer.This my certificates of profience are BST,SCRB,AFF,MC,MFA,TFC,OT,RADAR,ARPA,SSO,GMDSS,GOC,ISM CODE,COR,SID,COE SINGAPORE.And if you have vacancy this my contact number 081378497178 and my email;
    I hope I can join in your company thank your for your attention

  14. Name: Doddy Ardi
    place date of birth: JAKARTA,March 6,1978
    1. ATT-D
    2. BST
    3. SCRB
    4. Seaman Book
    5. Passport

    CONTACT : +6285218132801 /+06285694339781

  15. Dear Sir
    I am Indonesia seaman looking fo job as engine room in your company.
    My name : IDJAL PALIFI
    from Tanjung Pinang Indonesia
    My certificate - ATT 5
    - BST
    - SCRB
    - TFC
    my sea servic all tanker ship. I would applay as oiler if any vacancy in your company please call me +62819670154
    Thank's your anttention
    Best regard


    Full Name : Iwan Santoso
    Place / Date Of Birth : Wonosobo / July, 18th ,1990
    Nationality : Indonesian
    Sex : Male
    Marital Status : Single
    Phone Number : +62 831 8418 5983
    Address : Perum. Oma Batam Center Blok A-4
    No.21 Batam Center ( Batam )
    Name of Father : Nurwanto
    Name of Mother : Eny Asih
    Phone Number : +62 813 7217 6793

    NO Name of Document License Number Document of Issued Expiry of Date
    1 Passport S 540993 February 09th 2009 February 09th 2014
    2 Seamen Book W 012428 February 04th 2009 February 03rd 2012

    Certificate of Name Certificate of Number Place & Date of Issued
    ATT-D 6200360067T60710 Jakarta, July 23rd 2010

    Certificate of Name Certificate of Number Place & Date of Issued
    BST 6200360067010308 Semarang, December 15th 2008
    SCRB 6200360067040308 Semarang, December 18th 2008
    TFC 6200360067090309 Semarang, January 12th 2009

    Name Of Ship Type GRT/HP Perod Of Services Rank Flag
    DIONE DREDGER 3200 04/05/2009 - 23/08/2011 OILER Singapore



  17. Dear sir,
    I would like to apply for the vacancy at your company as a second engineer,third engineer
    My name Is Joko Santiko
    I have experience in Cargo
    I've certificate engineer officer class ATT-V,BST.SCRB,AFF,MEFA,TFC,
    Phone ; +6285290043443/+628566775152
    Email :

    Thanks for All..

  18. Dear sir
    i would like to apply for join at your company as a A/B
    i have experience in general cargo, bulk carrir, and oil tanker
    i have sertificate of ANT-D,BST, SCRB,AFF,AND TFC
    phone number; 081211699448
    i hope can call me as soon
    thank you