Seaman Insurance

It was time for Seaman's to get an official insurance as a guarantee for their work services to the company where they work. because the reality to date, not a few companies in which they join, not yet officially implemented this system.

Officially, the Seaman Insurance can be described as a comprehensive public insurance system which provides the mariners with the insurance benefits in the event of their sickness,unemployment and vocational training, injury, childbirth, death. It also covers the incidents of occupational disability and death (including missing mariners). The family members of the insured mariners can receive benefits for their sickness, injury, childbirth and death.

This maritime fighters, should obtain a formal guarantee as well as onshore workers.
And for us the sailors, if the company you work for has not yet applied the Seaman Insurance, you may find out where the place are provide it, you can search for another insurance company such as insurance agents, life insurance agent, global marine insurance, and other similar insurance agency. so we can have a security benefit and comfort of living in the future.

And finally, to the insurance agency who has been kind enough and willing to support in obtaining seaman insurance, we would like to thank you very much !
So the voice that represents the hearts of the Nautical warriors (Seamans) who fought for life, sailed the seas and oceans,crashing waves and storm, to find a bite of rice, for children and wife, as well as for the beloved family.

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