EXPERIENCE to Seaman Memorable

First time become a Seaman I sailed in 2004 october. This is my first experience and very memorable.
boat trip 4 days 3 nights, ka Kota Kinabalu with a speed of 5 knots / hr
that the wave terpa only 12 feet, because I just first-time,., O fair if I wrote a lumanyan seasick yesterday that,.,
sampai2 beside my case, there is created what sdh Baldy Inc. into
Severe him until yellowish
sampai2 I have plans to sign off on land that later,
,.,., its weird when I got my landline fikir had to make a thousand times to sign off his,.,., whatever reason I do not know about it,.,., so until now, I still want to know what really happened at that time,
rekan2 probably already experienced much of it I know the reason why?

A lot of banality by extraordinary people but for me, when MPA along side at Naval Base sy Cangi could see his Mother Ships USA & UK Marine Sub bo. The most amazing and we can direct the same ngobrol2 crewnya n look sophisticated navigation equipment onboardnya trnyata bgt. Well just say Terjatuh says Dang Boi Tarlupahon Songon Marnipi.
Thank you for the opportunity, I wait for impressions of fellow sailors, which certainly is more powerful than me.

n the first time so cadet sailing from china myanmar k nanjilunk big waves hit, then another wave season, and approximately 10 meters of my vessel DWT 11000, smua d rig crew was just wait for commands from the master ... in my heart and see smua kliatan da man resigned to go and we can only pray, we finally took refuge d dkt lego island ... we are one anchor, but not enough are still circling the boat, the skipper ordered the two anchors .... lego horror once the waves from the right k jump to the left ... n cargo of wire swing sounds like a guitar string ... dereck No. 5 (crane boom) broken .... but in the end we survived until the goal even though many of the damaged cargo

Bravo Seaman
fixed compact

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