Urgently Need Seaman Container Ship

6:54 AM
Urgent for Container Ship:

1. BOSUN - ATTD on GRT 3250, 2years as AB or 1year as Bosun on container ship
2. FITTER - 2year experience on container ship

3. 2/E - ATT III on GRT 3455 line SUB-MKS, experience on B&W engine type
4. 3/E - ATT III/IV on GRT 3455, line SUB-MKS,experience on B&W engine type

5. 2/E - ATT II on above GRT 7000, 2year experience on B&W engine type
6. 3/E - ATT III/IV on above GRT 4000, line JKT-BJM, experience on B&W engine type

Kindly forward your CV to Crewing@ctpline.com
or please for walk in interview every Monday - Friday from 0900 - 1630

Jl. Tomang Raya no. 57 (under Tomang flyover next to gas station)

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