Bunker Barge / Tanker Master Singapore

9:33 PM
Vacancies opened for Master Bunker Ship Singapore.
Master Class II with Pilot Exemption Sertificate.
Vessel Type : Bunker Barge GT 4969
Salary : SGD 5500/month
Location : trading in Singapore port limit water
Joining Date : At the end of April 2014
Tour of duty : 2 months work, 1 month off (Off month will be paid salary also)
Work Permit : 1 year.

Interested candidates can send CV to ciptacrew@ciptakaryain.com
With subject line : Master Bunker
Jl. Raya Taman Margasatwa Kav. 2 No. 62
Jakarta 12540
Telp : 021 7800261

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