Rigger for Offshore Oil and Gas

Maritime Offshore Manpower Services are looking for a rigger.

  1. Rigger shall carry out various work in connection with the operation and maintenance of the platform such as loading and unloading of supply vessels, moving cargo, maintenance, general deck duties, helideck duties, life boat crew member and MOB boat crew member, etc.
  2. He/She shall, depending on circumstances and the platforms operational mode, serve as helideck landing crew, firefighting teams, life boat coxswains and MOB boat crew. Only personnel having the proper training shall be assigned to helideck duty.
  3. He/She shall be able to take on the roles as signaler, slinger banksman with the responsibilities as defined in Norsok R-003, Annex A and B.
  4. He/She shall have sufficient knowledge, experience and qualification from practical duties related to safe lifting operations. He/She shall also have thorough knowledge about the subject lifting operations/procedures. He/She shall also have thorough knowledge of the vessel’s deck areas and weight limitations.

Job requirements:
Experience in a similar role

More information regarding of this job of Rigger, you can contact:

Office: Oceanwide Den Helder / Oceanwide Germany
Contact person: Oceanwide Den Helder
Address: Luchthavenweg 6i
Postal code: 1786 PP
City: Den Helder
Telephone number: +31(0)223 671 720
Fax number: +31 (0) 223 52 05 05

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