Control Room Operator

7:05 AM
We are looking for a Control Room operator in north sea.
-He/She is responsible for monitoring the Alarm System Panels in the Control Room, and to contact his/her superior if any abnormal alarm occurs and needs attention and verification.
-He/She is responsible for operation of the platform GMDSS radio equipment and portable radio equipment.
Including radio log and function test of equipment.
-He/She shall have thorough knowledge of the helideck procedures and shall be responsible of the helideck radio equipment and communication during helicopter operations.
-He/She shall at all times be updated on helicopter and vessel movements on the field. He/She is also responsible for communication with vessels within the 500 meter safety zone.
-He/She is responsible for keeping the stand by vessel updated with the rig latest POB.
=He/She shall ensure that overlap between day and night shifts are carried out. The overlap shall include information regarding ongoing work, outstanding actions, planned operations and other matters relevant for the position and important that his/her successor gets knowledge of.
-He/She shall prepare handover notes to his/her successor with information regarding outstanding actions and other matters considered important that his/her successor gets knowledge of.
-He/She is responsible for coordination of the approved work permits, as well as logging activation and completion of the work permits.

Job Requirements
Good knowledge to handle the German and English language, both oral and writen.

Contact Company
If you would like to have more information regarding the job of Control Room Operator, you can contact:
Office: Oceanwide Den Helder / Oceanwide Germany
Contact person: Oceanwide Den Helder
Address: Luchthavenweg 6i
Postal code: 1786 PP
City: Den Helder
Telephone number: +31(0)223 671 720
Fax number: +31 (0) 223 52 05 05

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