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Dear Sir/Madam

we are an International manning crewing and maritime company agency situated in Jakarta Indonesia.I am as personnel manager in our company
Jl.Mengkudu Blok M No:48
Koja-Tanjung Priok-Jakarta Utara
No Telp/fax : +622143904767
Mobile : +6281905550747
+ 6281388036413
URL : under construction
E-mail :
we would like to offer a benefit corporation in recruitment of crews industry,with full range of competent crewing as per STCW'95,ISM code standard trained & skilled,and we have so many candidates from OFFICER ( FULL SET ) C.O.C Class I,II,III,IV And V ( CH/OFF,2nd/OFF & 3rd/OFF ) and ENGEENER (FULL SET ) C.O.C Class I,II,III,IV & V ( CH/ENG,2nd/ENG & 3rd/ENG ) and as well as RATING ( FULL SET ) A/B,OILER,BOSUN,COOK,FITTER,WELDER,ELECTRICIAN,PUMPMAN,FIREMAN,CRANE OPERATOR,OS/MESSBOY and a lot of more ) in our company,since long we are supplying experienced ship crew for various foreign flag vessel ( Fishing Vessel ,Trawler,Longline,purseene tanker,bulk carrier,cargo,container,tugboat) & supply AHT/AHTS and also OFFSHORE ( FULL SET )with entire satisfaction of our esteemed ship owner & manager.we maintain a regular crewing database in order to fulfill instant requirements of any view of above,we shall be highly appreciate if you kindly employ our competent seaman in your good vessel..therefore,please let us know your applicable term & condition to look forward with our level best for the greater interest of mutual dealing.please let us have your complete requirements with vessel details & salary that we could select suitable candidates CV for your selection. and we just inform to you that I would like to make outstanding partnership for sending Crew member joining the Vessel (all types).

However we could send and make crew member list according your company need and demands.

so,please considering our company to recruit and sending crew to the Vessel.

Please do not hesitate to ask or any question from you we will happy to answer it and we will be happy to hear a good news from you.

Thank you so much and have good one.

Best Kindly Regards.

( mutammin)

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